A Witch’s Natural History

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We are extremely happy to welcome a new author to Troy Books; Dr. Giles Watson. His first book with us, A Witch’s Natural History, illustrated with the author’s own artwork, is now available for pre order in both paperback and hardback editions to our subscribers. All pre ordered copies will be signed by the author.

A Witch’s Natural History,originally published as a series of essays in The Cauldron, is a meditation on the relationship between folklore and nature. The world’s dogmatic religions all have their devotional texts, and biological science, too, has its own rationalistic equivalents, from Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle to Richard Dawkins’s The Ancestor’s Tale. Natural historians have written their works of devotion to the works of nature: a genre which has been recognisable ever since Gilbert White wrote The Natural History of Selborne. It is at work in the poems of John Clare, and the essays of W.H. Hudson, Richard Jefferies and Richard Mabey, but it also stands at the centre of the beliefs and practices of modern pagans. A Witch’s Natural History is intended as a small contribution to modern witchcraft’s own devotional literature of nature, drawing on scientific, folkloric and experiential sources.

Giles Watson explores the lore, legends and life-histories of a selection of animals which are commonly employed as motifs in the history of witchcraft: culturally maligned creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, crows and rats. He also casts light on the magical significance of more commonly neglected birds, spiders, insects and snails, before turning his attention to plants, and whole ecosystems which have cultural associations with witchcraft. He combines a call for a new reverence for nature with a fascination for some of folklore’s strangestrepresentations of our dependence upon it: from the toad-bone amulet in East Anglian witchcraft to the seductive Queen Rat of the Toshers in Bermondsey. This is a book not only for those practitioners of the Craft who wish to be more informed in their response to the natural world – but also for anyone who is interested in natural history and its impact on folkloric beliefs and practices.

One hundred and seventy four pages in content, the paperback binding is to be presented in Demy format. The hardback edition is to be presented in a Royal format gold foil-blocked case binding in Green, with green and black head and tail bands, and Aubergine end papers.

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The Cornish Traditional Year – Revised Edition

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Simon Reed’s new revised and expanded The Cornish Traditional Year is available now from Troy Books in both paperback and hardback editions, extensively illustrated with line drawings and photographic plates. The new edition has received the following review in the latest issue of The Cauldron:

This is a revised and expanded edition of a book first published by Troy back in 2009. In his introduction Simon Reed says he has written the book for Cornish people who want to take back what belongs to them and celebrate their neglected culture. The same could be said for folk customs and traditions all over Britain that are threatened by modernity. Also it is a book that will appeal to folklorists and others interested in the seasonal festivals of these isles. It begins with the feasts of St John and Peter and the traditional midsummer fires, Lammas and Guldize, the Cornish harvest festival, the Cornish Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night festivities, Candlemass and Shrovetide, the festival of Cornwall’s national saint Piran and May Day revels such as the Padstow Obby Oss and the Furry Dance. Highly recommended.

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The Black Toad Paperback Arrives

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Troy Books has now taken delivery of the paperback edition of Gemma Gary’s The Black Toad, and the dispatching of advance order copies has begun. We had expected to take delivery of the hardback edition at the same time, however our printer has reported a delay, and so dispatch for these will begin a little later.

Announcing The Black Toad

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Gemma Gary’s second book; The Black Toad – West Country Witchcraft and Magic, with foreword by Michael Howard, will soon be available from Troy Books. To be kept informed about the release of this title, or to make pre-orders, please subscribe to our private mailing list

The Black Toad explores potent examples of the folk-ceremonial magical practices and witchcraft of the south-west of England; dealing especially with Devon and the author’s homeland of Cornwall. Within the West Country, the popular belief in witchcraft and its attendant charms, magical practices and traditions continued to be observed and survived long after such ways had faded in most other parts of the British Isles.

Described within The Black Toad is a collection of some of the fascinating magical practices and lore of the West Country’s cunning folk and early modern witches;  ways that have survived and evolved within the rarefied Craft of the area’s modern day witchcraft practitioners of the old persuasion. As this book affirms, these ways of the Old Craft and Cunning Arte include a belief in and working relationship with the spirit forces of the land, the Faerie, animal and plant lore, as well as the magical use of Psalms to cure or curse, the invocation of Christ and the power of the Holy Trinity.

“For all those who are interested in learning about the Old Path as it is taught and practised today by West Country witches this book of practical magic and sorcery will be a revelation. As the late Cecil Williamson, founder of the witchcraft museum in Boscastle, North Cornwall and a modern cunning man himself, said and Gemma Gary’s excellent book proves – “It still goes on today.”

Michael Howard

Traditional Witchcraft Case-bound Edition Arrives

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Troy Books has recently taken delivery of the case-bound edition of Gemma Gary’s revised Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways. All pre-orders of this case-bound edition have now been despatched to our private subscribers, and will be available for general purchase here shortly.

The Hard-back edition of Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways, is presented as a claret case-binding, with black end-papers, black and red head and tail bands and with silver foil blocking to the front and spine.


Available Now: Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways

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Our private subscribers’ advanced orders have now been fulfilled for the new edition of Gemma Gary’s Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways, and the book is now available for purchase via our web-site:

Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways
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Subscribers to Troy Books’ private mailing list are given advance notice of availability of our new releases, thus giving our members the opportunity to secure copies in advance of their general release. However, due to the inherent unreliability of bulk e-mailing, we have now created a private account on Twitter. To subscribe to Troy Books via our private Twitter account, click the link below:

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